Do Arabs have problem with English language?

Why does the English language prevail?

Why don’t Arabs master English language like other peoples!! Do Arabs have problem?

Before answering this question, it is necessary to know that only Arabs have no problem speaking English!!

But there are also other countries where learning a language other than their mother tongue is just entertainment

If we return to the question about the lack of mastery of the Arabs in the English language like other nations, this is due to several reasons, namely:

1- The level of education in the Arab world has declined compared to the level of education in other countries
2- A very large part of the countries mastering a language other than their native language was occupied mainly by other countries for a long period of time, such as the Maghreb, which was occupied by France
But looking at the case of a country like Egypt, we find that it occupied Britain for nearly 70 years and more, why don’t we speak English fluently, as we did in Morocco in French?

Do Arabs have problem with English language?

The English occupation was not able to impose the English language as a primary language in education,

especially in Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, whose scientific subjects cannot be taught in English,

which is mainly related to the Arabic language and the Arabic language. Its rules and forensic sciences that have no non-Arab origin.
In addition to the translation efforts that were active during the period of the English occupation, as Muhammad Ali was keen on translating science into Arabic, until it came that the student, in order to graduate from the college in which he was studying, had to translate a book in the specialty he would graduate from from English to Arabic .
All these factors prevented the imposition of English on the Egyptians as a primary language, which, incidentally, is commendable.

Why does the English language prevail?

  • Because it is the language of international business and commerce
  • easy to learn
  • Language flexibility
  • It has become the language of science because the largest universities in the world study in it
which is mainly related to the Arabic language and the Arabic language. Its rules and forensic sciences that have no non-Arab origin.

Do Arabs have problem with English language?

Lack of confidence is the biggest factor for not mastering any language in general and English in particular,

because it prevents a person from practicing the language freely without fear of error,

because of the poor education that many of us have grown up with, which is focused on appearance and leaving purpose.

The purpose of speaking English is to achieve effective communication with others that ensures the delivery of the desired meaning,

this takes place with the lowest and simplest language abilities and does not require you to speak just like foreigners, or as native speakers of the language.

As foreigners they understand everything we say even if we pronounce some words wrong.

Do Arabs have problem with English language?

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